Obtaining the Key

You can always contact me with PGP-encrypted messages, verify my signature, or validate the packages or commit I made. Heres some way to get those public keys:

Grab it via the gpg cli

This is the most recommended way of getting my public key for most cases. You can just run these in your terminal, as long as you have GPG program in your machine.

  • via MIT's Key Server

  • via Ubuntu's Key Server

Manually Add It to Your Keyring

For several cases, it is much easier to add the public key file manually rather than importing them via GPG program directly. For those cases, please refer to the following server to obtain my public key:



  • static hosting

Then you can add the file via Terminal:

## Static file
cat chris.pgp.asc | gpg --import

## With cUrl
curl | gpg --import

via Keybase

If you're using Keybase, you can just pull my key with following command:

Verify the GPG Keys

Any of those step should be able to properly grab my public keys with following details:

pub   rsa4096 2018-07-07 [SC] [expires: 2040-07-01]
      4F7A 34FF 4BD5 630B F618  BC06 332D 7EAF BCDB 79A3
uid           [ultimate] Gunawan Christianto (chez14) <[redacted-to-prevent-spam]>
sub   rsa4096 2018-07-07 [E] [expires: 2040-07-01]
sub   rsa4096 2018-11-19 [S] [expires: 2040-07-01]

If you're using Keybase, please note that there might be some slight differences on the identity part. Additionally, the email has been stripped to prevent scrapers sending stuffs.

Thank you!