Works and Projects

The following lists contains a lot of old and new projects. Since I'm still thinking the design of the portfolio page, all of this project may not be displayed in front page.

Professional Work



This is curated list of works that I do at DNArtworks.

  • Pertamina International Timor-Leste: Web development (2023)
    Developed the PITSA (Pertamina International Timor-Leste) company profile website to a first draft, using a modern tech stack and a new project template for internal use. Coordinated with a team of three developers. The new project template reduced the development process by 75%, cutting it down from approximately 12 weeks to just 3 weeks.

  • DNArtworks: Modularized Admin Panel (2022)
    Help reduce the maintenance cost by converting internal Admin Panel to a modularized one. This improves the maintainability, code styles, and overall developer experience (DX).

  • LJ Hooker: Comprehensive Backup System (~2022)
    Developed (alongside my tech. director), implemented, and maintained comprehensive backup system for one of the most reputable property consultants in Indonesia.

  • Piaggio Indonesia: Test Ride Reservation for All Family Brands (2018-2022)
    Develop (2018) and maintains (2018-2022) test ride APIs for all family brand of Piaggio Indonesia, the system design is developed by my tech. director, and I implemented improvements as requirement grew.

  • Piaggio Indonesia: Vespa Configurator (2020)
    Implements design from design team, revamp the site to use Reactjs and also refactor the backend code to current company standards.

  • Piaggio Indonesia: New look revamps (~2021)
    Implements and managed the project to revamp old site to new looks for most family brands of Piaggio Indonesia. In this opportunity, the team rewrites them to current company standards.


  • Puskesmas Ciumbuleuit Profile (2020)
    Developed a website from given design from UI/UX Designer. Implemented both frontend and backend.

Open Source & Toys

The following list are my own open source projects that I still manage. You can check my contributions for other open source project on the following link: