Works and Projects

Open Source Portfolio & Toys

The following lists contains a lot of old and new projects. Since I'm still thinking the design of the portfolio page, all of this project may not be displayed in front page.


  • Publisher
    Docker image for GitLab CI's publishing duty. Equipped with Autotag, Git, PGP, SSH, and GitLab and GitHub's Authorized Keys

  • PHP Superpack
    VSCode Extension Pack to develop tidy PHP Codes


  • Oxam
    Examination App.
  • DeSSO
    JasigCAS loginer for UNPARians.
  •'s website
    The one you're viewing right now!
  • Ilgar
    Simple migration tool for FatFree Framework.
  • Pho β€” FTIS Open Data App
    Previewer and browser for FTIS OpenData curriculum year 2018.
  • Snippy
    A GitLab snippets management tool that make use GitLab and git's quirks. (still concept)



Profesional Work:


  • Modularized Admin Panel


  • Puskesmas Ciumbuleuit Profile